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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Letter to Mr. obama Regarding the Standing Rock Water/Life Protectors

It would be a good thing to stop pipelines & protect our Water...

In case you might not be aware: Water Is Life and there are over 2,000 people (of all nationalities, races, colors, beliefs) on Federal TREATY Land, Historical Sacred Ground  & Private Land in North Dakota Peacefully & Prayerfully Protecting 209 bodies of Clean Water & the Missouri River from the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL) 

These bodies of water provide life for over 18,000,000 people (of all nationalities, races, colors, beliefs) in Four (4) States... and yet you do NOTHING to help protect their lives nor to protect their water from DAPL that will surely break/leak and poison all those relying on the water for life.

Instead, you allow, Fascist N.D. Governor Jack Dalrymple & his financial buddy, Kelcy Warren (CEO Energy Transfer Partners [ETP]) have called in militarized police forces to harass, attack, and threaten Peaceful & Prayerful people.

ETP has no legal authorization or permits form the U.S. Army Corps to lay the DAPL pipeline...  

ETP has been formally asked to Stop construction by the Departments of Justice, Interior, & Army Corps, which they have completely ignored.

ETP & their minion Gov. Dalrympl have: 

* illegally purchased farm land on which they are drilling; 
* hired & encouraged non-licensed attack dogs to harm pregnant women & children; 
* violated The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) by bulldozing Native American Graves & Sacred sites;  
* illegally continued construction during a "Cease" injunction;  
* violated civil & First Amendment constitutional rights "Freedom of Assembly" ; 
* violated Treaty rights of the Standing Rock Tribe; 
* hired militarized forces to harass, threaten, & arrest non-violent people
* denied journalists the First Amendment constitutional right of "Freedom of Press"
* denied participants the  First Amendment constitutional right of "Freedom of Speech"
* other Egregious & Fascist Acts

STOP This Constitutionally ILLEGAL Harassment & Fascist Militarized Police action against the Peaceful/Prayerful Water/Life Protectors Now....

Live up to your Nobel Peace Prize & U.S. Constitutional Attorneys' Oath

The lives you save by protecting the Water may be that of your family......

Mita Kuya Oyacin

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