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For me it is All About Being of Service & Living the Life of the Give-Away....

Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

It's about walking on the Canka Luta Waste Behind the Cannunpa and the ceremonies.

It's about Mindfulness and Respect. It's about Honesty and owning up to my foibles.

It's about: Mi Takuye Oyacin

Saturday, October 29, 2016

White Privilege: wasicu Bundys vs Standing Rock

Truth Time Boyz & Gurls:

I told you when this happened (long before DAPL) that had these hillarys been Native they would have been harassed & shot...

These wasicu hillarys WERE ARMED and what happened to them?
Ab-so-lute-ly hillary Nada....

What is happening to the UNARMED Standing Rock Prayerful Protectors On Their Own Private Treaty Land?

hillary this shit...... hillary the fascist N.D. government.... hillary our Fascist government.....

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