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Monday, October 24, 2016

PAID FASCISTS: Morton County Sheriff's Department

Updated arrest numbers show law enforcement arrested 127 individuals this weekend with 126 arrested Saturday and 1 on Sunday for illegal protest activities. That brings the total number of arrests since the protest started August 10th to 269 arrests.

I am going to get "real" here:

I have a major problem w/ puppets (stupid [actively ignorant] people)...

this includes police, security guards, current armed "Forces" & many veterans.....

ALL Those who are unwilling/unable to think for themselves and blindly unquestioningly follow orders (which is exactly who was hired to do this "job")...

You can not do this job if you have a heart
You can not do this job when you are able think for yourself
You can not do this job when you insist on thinking for yourself....
You can not do this job when you are a "critical" thinker
You can not do this job if you are a kind human being
You can not do this job if you are a loving human being
Our Government is "NONE OF THE ABOVE"

You need to remember, most of these men are like drone bees, or "minions" if you prefer....

They do not feel
They do not think
They do not differentiate between right or wrong
They have little or no "social" skills
They do not question
They have no moral compass

They need someone in "authority" to tell them:
Who they are
How to act
How to be
What to do
When & How to do it

Basically they are: Uneducated, Morally Bankrupt, Stupid, Lost Little Boys with out a fkin' clue of how to live a life of goodness.....

I say "stupid" because... No One with an iota of intelligence or heart would/could raise a finger against any other who would sacrifice their life for that of another or for the "whole"...

What I mean is: These Wasicu (Stupid Greedy White-eyes) don't (refuse to) understand that the Protectors Are Protecting the lives of 18 million+ people (and this includes the lives of these sorry assed wasicu & their families)...

Come on: How fuckin' stoopid are you that you are willing to sacrifice the lives of your family (by poisoning their water & food) for a few extra dollars?

This should prove that this country was not founded or run: "For or By the People".

There is no such thing as: "Liberty and Justice for ALL"

The Constitutional, Treaty, & NAGPRA Rights of the People are being bulldozed by Fascist white "christian" men, who wouldn't know Yeshua ben Yosef if he came up to them & stuck their hand in the wound in his side..... Hell, they'd probably be the first to crucify him again....

My family may be Armenian Jews...... but we know what "Genocide" is... and this boys & girls is no less than Genocide.

Genocide of the people (all people), the water, the tall standing ones, our food sources, our medicines...

Genocide of Mita Kuya Oyasin by greedy sociopathic megalomaniacs no longer is acceptable.

I'd like to say a prayer (and I will in private), but at this moment in time I'm too peeved and thinking in too coarse a manner and there comes a time when "begging" Creator just doesn't work any longer... so I say: Fk This S#!T

Wicosi ni wioki: Mita Kuya Oyasin

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