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Monday, October 31, 2016

Which Candidate Supports Constitutional, Water, & Treaty Rights?

As many of you know, I have passionately been following & reporting on the Unconstitutional & Fascist acts upon the Water Protectors @ Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, perpetrated by:

Moron County Sheriff

Image result for morton county sheriff militarized

ND Governor Jack Dalrymple (who took $372,455.00 in campaign contributions came from oil & gas):

Image result for jack dalrymple dapl

Energy Transfer Partners-CEO Kelcy Waren 

Image result for Kelcy warren dapl meme

I have many, many concerns, which I will not go into here (feel free to read my other posts and follow the pertinent links therein).

What I'd like to blog about now is the fact that only Two (2) of the Five (5) candidates (I'm counting Senator Bernie Sanders) have stood up for the Rights of the Water Protectors, the other Three (3) have oddly remained silent.

Senator Bernie Sanders (who may be written in in ALL 50 states) is pro-Native American Rights, against DAPL:

 Image result for bernie sanders dapl

Jill Stein (Green Party) is also against DAPL:

Image result for jill stein dapl

Meanwhile Trump, Clinton, & Gary Johnson are all silent.  Why is that?

Trump, as was recently reported accepted $4$ from Kelcy Warren ETP/DAPL-CEO and has himself invested $1,000,000 in the pipeline: 


Image result for trump dapl

Clinton has accepted $$$ from: BOA, Citibank, Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and others.


All of which have also provided funding to ETP, DAPL, Bakken, Sunnco, et. al.

Image result for hillary dapl

As for Gary Johnson, he is a Libertarian and Libertarians are pro  "free trade" (TPP) and corporate conglomerate ruled government, as are the Kock brothers.

Image result for water is life meme

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