Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton

The latest emails disclosed by Wikileaks clearly shows 
why we must keep building our progressive 
movement — to be prepared to confront the 
new administration, whoever wins this terribly 
flawed election.
Now is the time to ask, what lessons can we 
learn from these recent Wikileaks?

First, these latest emails, which involve John 
Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman,
 reveal the incestuous relationships between 
establishment politicians, the mainstream 
corporate media, Wall Street, and big business 

None of this should come as a 
surprise. We saw these same corrupt conflicts 
of interest in my recent campaign against 
Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In her well-paid speeches to Wall Street firms, 
Hillary Clinton praised the banksters who 
created the 2008 financial collapse and then 
profited so hugely from the government 

She also expressed pride in supporting 
the worldwide spread of hydraulic fracturing 
(fracking), while at the same time she was 
publicly speaking out about the growing dangers 
of climate change.

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Image result for hillary fracking

Image result for hillary fracking
There’s been a tendency among some progressives 
to remain silent about the latest Wikileaks 
dump, no doubt out of fear of being accused 
of helping to elect Donald Trump. However, 
if we don’t discuss these troubling emails now, they will surely be swept under the rug after November 8th.
Moreover, the recent Wikileaks show the 
responsibility of the Democratic establishment 
for the rise of Donald Trump. Even before the 
presidential campaign got started, the Clinton 
camp was plotting how to get their friends in 
the mainstream media, including at MSNBC, 
to saturate Trump with television coverage 
to help boost his campaign — all because they 
knew Trump would be the one person who 
could blow up the Republican Party and who 
Hillary could defeat in a general election.

Finally, these Wikileaks also show how the 
Obama campaign plotted with leading Wall Street 
supporters in October 2008 — even before he 
was first elected president — to staff his 
administration with the same Wall Street 
villains who helped to collapse the U.S. economy 
and global financial system. 

Again, this did 
not come as a surprise to me. Although I was 
a big supporter of Barack Obama throughout 
his 2008 campaign, I publicly broke with him 
just days after his election when he announced 
the appointments of Timothy Geithner as 
Treasury Secretary and Larry Summers as 
head of his National Economic Council. 
As a law professor and activist, I was well 
aware of the roles that both Summers and 
Geithner had played in deregulating Wall Street, 
abolishing the Glass-Steagall firewalls that 
had protected banking from speculation, and 
allowing the growth of complex financial 
derivatives. Together, these “reforms” had 
transformed our banking system into a 
global casino, while undermining the 
foundations of our democracy.
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Likewise, we must be ready to confront and 
oppose shady appointments when made by 
the next president — most likely Hillary Clinton, 
according to the most recent polls.

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While others may try to curry favor with 
the new administration and be overly 
complacent during the dangerous “honeymoon” 
period, we know better.

Please support the 
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establishment and to look out first and 
foremost for the interests of ordinary Americans.
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