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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Infiltration: Planted Minions of Violence: Moron County Sheriff LIES

Indigenous Environmental Network shared Dallas Goldtooth's post.
12 hrs · 
On Thursday, Oct 27th, an armed Dakota Access security contractor named Kyle Thompson was seen leaving our crowd of protectors south of the frontline space on highway 1806. The gunman was seen waving an assault rifle while driving a white pickup towards the Oceti Sakowin camp.

As he approached the junction of Co. Road 134, our protectors jumped in his way and engaged in pursuit. One of our men was able to push the white truck off the road with his car and incapacitated the pickup.

The gunman exited the vehicle with his assault rifle and proceeded to point it at approaching protectors.

Luckily, military veterans amongst our crew stepped up and began to de-escalate and negotiate with the gunman. He slowly backed himself into the middle of a pond and was more-or-less cornered. Our veterans kept him under control until BIA police officers arrived on scene to take him into custody.

There were no shots fired.

Inside the man's vehicle we found a DAPL security ID card and insurance papers listing his vehicle as insured by DAPL. We also found a log sheet with what appears to be his name.


This armed DAPL inflitrator was amongst our protectors that day. He was not amongst the highly visible DAPL workers and security to the west of the actions, he was amongst our crowd. And for some reason was speeding his truck towards our camp until our security and veterans stepped in to stop him.

Below are photos of the event, including paperwork found in truck, his ID card and a video testimony of what happened. #NoDAPL

Meanwhile, Moron County took him into custody away from BIA and reported to the Press & local papers, & internet, that he was not only an innocent lone man, but had been wounded (shot in the hand) by Protectors and they Moron County Police would escalate arrests due to violence.

From Moron County Sheriff FB Page:

We have received reports of several incidents involving firearms.
1) Situation involved a private individual who was run off the road by protestors. The victim was shot in the hand and is being treated. An investigation in underway. No law enforcement was involved with this shooting.

However the Protectors found evidence that he was a goon of DAPL and hired to infiltrate, perpetrate violence and disrupt the peaceful Protectors....

Then this news came: "Morton County Sheriff's Department retracted their statement of the DAPL security rushing towards Standing Rock camp with the AR-15 "being treated for a gunshot wound to his hand" after photo evidence proved they were in fact a BUNCH OF LIARS.

The man is now in FBI custody after being turned over by BIA.
Thanks Huffington Post for backing up the photo evidence by exposing the backpeddling to the world."

Jan ReinhFollow Up: This morning, Morton County Police made a statement that the man involved with the firearm incident yesterday was shot in the hand, along with a backing statement by the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.
1) As you can see, the man in the photo was indeed NOT shot in the hand, and was not wounded in any fashion at the time he was taken into custody by BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs). If Mr. Thompson did indeed have a bullet hole in his hand, or a graze (which would be visible in this photo, or the other 100 I have), it may have been caused by Morton County Sheriffs as a way to make an excuse as to why he was rushing towards camp with his weapon. As you can see, this statement was a bold face lie.
2) "Vicki Granado, a spokeswoman for Dakota Access Pipeline, said the man who was forced off the road by protesters was not employed by the pipeline company and does not work for a contractor for the company."
When the mans vehicle was inspected by water protectors on the scene during his standoff, both DAPL employee badge, and a DAPL vehicle sign off sheet were found in the vehicle. Both of these have been documented with photo evidence as well.
Water protectors, you know what to do. SHARE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

old Blaues-Haus The guy was a plant to justify the use of force, and by force I also mean lethal force. 

You see this tactic time and again when corporate or government interest need justification to make their move using force. 

It's a deadly game the pipeline company and their law enforcement are playing with the Protectors.

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