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Being Mindful of those who are unable to speak for themselves; our Non-Two Legged Relations and the Future Generations.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Response to the Pro-DAPL Libelous Article Defaming the Standing Rock Water Protectors....

I just read a PRO-DAPL article....  Such libelous remarks against peaceful, respectful, & prayerful Protectors of Life.

I could not believe the outright lies & fear mongering:

Just in case any of you would like to call them out for the Scurrilous Liars that they Are I am providing you with a link to their "contact" page.....  http://www.prodapl.com/contact/

I will not repost the article, but I will share with you my e-mail to them:

"Wow what a bunch of LIARS you are...

I do believe this article of yours to legally considered to be libelous.....

"Militia"?  No, that would be ETP,  Kelcy Warren, Jack Dalrymple, the "Militarized" police, & the Frost Kennel Goons

No one from Standing Rock or on the NoDAPL site is Armed. There are no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons...

They are peaceful people, in prayer, PROTECTING 209 bodies of clan water & the Missouri River, which over 18 million people rely on for clean drinking water (their life)

Wow, such outright lies brought to us by unmitigated greed, hatred, & disrespect for the people & environment....

You better remember this: God is Watching you, Sees what you are doing,  Knows what motivates you and  what is in your shriveled up black little hearts

This is going on my blog as an example of what an outrageous farce this country & its media  has become...."

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